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Handicap accessibility

© J.-F. Peiré
© J.-F. Peiré
In order to make the collections accessible to everyone, the Musée Saint-Raymond proposes visits and activities adapted for people with disabilities.
Since 2005, the museum has had the seal of approval from Tourism and Disabilities for ensuring a high quality visit for people with reduced mobility, notably for the access ramp and adapted museography.
The wheelchair ramp is accessible at the entrance of the garden located on the street “rue des Trois-Renards.”
An elevator is available on the ground floor at the welcome desk and accesses the basement and second floor.
The tunnel to the temporary exhibit is accessible via an air lock on the ground floor to the right of the elevator.
The museum provides an adapted guidebook for people with mental disabilities that is available at the welcome desk.

© J.-F. Peiré
© J.-F. Peiré
Additionally, a document in large font is available to meet the needs of people with low vision.
Tactile visits are also available for people with visual impairments.
For deaf and hard of hearing individuals, the museum can provide audio guides equipped with induction loops for hearing-aids. Once the hearing aid is set on the T position, this device allows one to increase the audio guide’s volume and fully enjoy the guided visit.
The diverse workshops that the museum currently holds are adapted for both children and adults with disabilities. New projects can also be implemented in partnership with interested youth workers, caregivers, or families in order to respond to the each individual’s needs.
Other adaptations will be put in place during the course of 2012. 
Do not hesitate to consult the internet site regularly to stay up to date.

For more information, contact Marie-Cécile Palacin  at 05 62 27 49 57. 
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